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In a world that is craving connection, we brought Soul 2 Soul to life as an entire experience designed to over load your sense from start to finish, in just one special hand crafted box. Our ethos is about bringing the life and love back into gifting as we combine our two favourite things, our pantry and soul. Food is the way into the soul, let us take you an experience that will leave your pantry and senses in a total state of gratification.

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2020 was a year that brought many challenges that highlighted what is most needed in our society, soulful interaction and connection. It seemed only natural to merge our two passions being  design and food, into one perfect collaboration to bring back the important moments and nurture the people we love and care about with thoughtful and nourishing boxes. 

Therefor we are  honoured and inspired to present our interpretation of gifting as an art form, the way we know best, from the heart.

Hope you love it as much as i do <3